How to add a Laundry Chute to your home

When we remodeled our attic space one of the key elements I wanted to install was a laundry chute from the second floor to the laundry room. We had one at our old house and I have missed it terribly, especially now that Garrett is older and his clothes are getting bigger by the second.

We lucked out in a major way because this empty space beside the attic door turned out to line up perfectly over the corner of our laundry room ceiling.

I had been eyeing this spot for a while, doing mental calculations of where a hole should land based on where the laundry room lined up in the downstairs. I asked my builder, Heath Pender of HP Painting and Remodeling, if this could be done and he said he didn’t see why not!  So, construction began…

After doing some actual calculations with, you know… tape measures and stuff… it turns out I was right. It totally lined up.

The first thing Heath did was drill a hole in the ceiling of the laundry room where I wanted the clothes to land.

Then we crossed our fingers, went upstairs and saw that yep… it lined up exactly where he drilled. That’s his drill bit sticking up from the center of the ceiling hole below.  It could not have been more perfect!

From there he cut a square in the of the ceiling of the laundry chute and the floor of the attic.

Then we measured on the outside of the wall where I wanted the hole of the chute to be.

This is at the end of the upstairs hallway just outside the attic door and my son’s bedroom door. He cut another hole there. I realize it is off-centered, but that is where the laundry room dictated that it should go, so we didn’t have much of a choice about that. I chose a height that was comfortable to open without bending over.

Once that was done, he matched up the hole on the other side and boom, we had all the holes cut.

Next up, we had to get the actual laundry chute fabricated by our air conditioning company, of all places.

My original inspiration for this project came from a Parade of Homes I had photographed I searched high and low for any type of pipe that would work and finally gave up and had someone make what we needed. The guys from Herring Heating and Air came out and measured everything and drew up the plans for the metal chute.

This is what they brought back to us… it was exactly what I envisioned.

As the attic build-out progressed, the last thing on the agenda was to figure out a way to cover up the laundry chute. I contemplated installing a “secret door” into my son’s bedroom, but we couldn’t make that work out.

Finally, I decided on a book nook!  You can see the pencil lines on the wall indicating where the seat would be and where the shelving would be for the nook.

And that’s what we did!

Here is the nook before it’s totally completed.  

And here it is after the Purebond plywood has been added to the frame. It’s super sturdy! 

Before we closed up the hole, Garrett wrote a note to put under the nook.  I told him he could write whatever he wanted, and here is his note:

Haaaa  I love this kid!

Why did you destroy the playroom, indeed, people of the future!?  LOL!

Here is the finished book nook:

And here is the opening of the laundry chute out in the hallway:

So now we have a laundry chute AND the coolest book nook east of the Mississippi!

If you want to see the details of
the attic book nook, click here:


If you want to see the rest of
the attic remodel, click here:



If you happen to see the August/Sept edition of Family Fun magazine, you’ll see us featured in the article about reading nooks!

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  1. Love the laundry chute! That is a clever way to design it! I didn’t realize there would be anything in the chute (galanized steel?) to actually hold the clothes as they slide down to the laundry room. I’m glad you shared this with us.


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