Regrowing Hair and Regaining Confidence after Chemo

If you haven’t read it already, please go read my post from yesterday about managing my scalp psoriasis with MONAT Rejuveniqe oil. As if my results were not enough, today’s MONAT testimony post is EVEN BETTER. This one seriously blows my mind.

I have a friend who, at 38 years old, lost all of her beautiful hair to chemo treatments for breast cancer. She went to battle against her cancer and won (thank goodness!), but six months out of remission she was still wearing a wig because her hair never really grew back in the way it should have.

After I learned about all the magical stuff this shampoo could do and saw the results on my scalp psoriasis, I introduced my friend to MONAT. She started out tentatively, signing up as a VIP customer to try out the products.  But once she started using them, she jumped right in with both feet and became a Market Partner in order to get the discount.

Less than one month later, the pictures started rolling in, and they haven’t stopped yet.

Here is her first before and after picture and testimonial on facebook…

After just TWO WEEKS of using the Let it Grow system, her hair is finally growing in thicker!!

And here is her most recent picture and her testimony at 3 weeks!

I cannot wait to see her results after two months, and two years! Can you imagine what it will look like then?

My friend’s story makes me want to cry, you guys.

Monat works to regrow hair.

THIS is the reason I’m in love with these products and this company.

It’s not just about having pretty hair– for some folks it’s just about having hair at all. Or in my case, no longer having to deal with embarrassing scalp issues.

To be able to help people who TRULY need help in the hair department– that is 100% my “Why” to become a MONAT Market Partner. They say your “Why” should make you cry… so there you go. Found it.

If I had not seen these results first-hand I wouldn’t have believed it, honestly.  But, I’m proof that they work and my friend is even BIGGER proof.

After seeing these results I’m ready to shout it from the rooftops so that everyone who knows someone battling hair loss– whether it’s from chemo or alopecia or male pattern baldness or even just postpartum hair loss– knows that these products are TOTALLY WORKING to regrow people’s hair. I have entire photo albums full of before and after MONAT testimonies.

My friend finally has a complete crown of confidence growing on her beautiful head.

I’m SO happy for her and to be able to offer a gift like this to people. If you know someone who needs these products in their life, please send them my way!

I am a MONAT Market Partner and I’d love to help them purchase these products that can change their life.

If you have questions, feel free to email me, or click here to read about the benefits of becoming a VIP Customer versus a Market Partner.  


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