Top 25 Gifts for Gamers

My son Garrett is 9 years old. Like most tweenagers these days, he is rarely seen without an iPad in one hand and a game console in the other. Just kidding. Kinda. But as he gets older he is getting harder to buy for because toys just don't interest him any more. He loves playing Roblox on his iPad with his buddies and every once in a while I'll catch him playing with his Grossery Game figures.  But mostly it's all electronic, all the time. So. I decided to compile a list of ideas for … [Read more...]


When Life Hands you Lemons, turn it into an e-Course

There are times when you have to take life's lemons and make gallons of lemonade. Right now is one of those moments for me. Last weekend I was invited to speak at a holiday event in Atlanta. I prepped really hard for it and created a super snazzy presentation for the event. My topic? How to Snap the Perfect Christmas Card Photos of your Kids This is something I know a lot about. Because of this. Or this. I poured every ounce of knowledge that I have about this photography topic … [Read more...]

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The Basement Man-Office is Complete

Remember our ugly basement makeover? Well, I'm finally getting around to sharing the basement decor with you today. This room has been completed for a long while now, but I'm a bad blogger who doesn't get around to posting things in a timely manner. Forgive me? This is the room we created for my husband's office space on the days he works from home. We found this awesome Ralph Lauren desk on sale at Homegoods a while back while searching for a new dining room table. I bought it … [Read more...]

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We need to talk about this new Magnolia line at Target…

Ok, ladies. Gather round, we need to have a chat. Everyone is talking about Joanna Gaines new Hearth and Hand™ line at Target right now. Apparently some folks were expecting it to be a whole lot more... something.  Amazing? Farmhouse-y?  Shiplappy? I started seeing a lot of my blog friends thumbs-downing the whole product line, so I had to go check it out for myself. After flipping through the virtual pages of Target and examining every Hearth and Hand product, here is what I know to be … [Read more...]

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Christmas Coloring Pages for the Kids Table (Christmas Printables Blog Hop!)

Back in the days of yore before every kid had an iPad permanently attached to their wrists, we had to entertain ourselves while the grown-ups chatted around the dinner table. There was nothing more fun than beating my sister in a game of Hangman or Tic-Tac-Toe. These days, every sit-down restaurant has a kids meal activity page with a three-pack of crayons that melt in your purse if you accidentally leave them in the car in the summer time. Speaking from experience here. So, if … [Read more...]

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Drool-worthy Thanksgiving Desserts

I'm hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year. It's the first time I've ever owned a six-seater table, so I'm pretty excited to sit some folks around it and stuff them full of scrumptious Thanksgiving food. My favorite thing to make for turkey day is not the turkey (although I have been known to smoke one in my day...) but the DESSERTS. Here are ten dessert recipes I've been eyeing to make it a very sweet Thanksgiving, indeed. Thanksgiving Turkey Oreo Balls Cranberry Pecan … [Read more...]

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Fall-tastic Decorating Ideas

I opened my Instagram this morning and my feed is filled to the brim with FALL! Woot! There were leaves and pumpkins and all sorts of fun fall decorating ideas. There's a nip in the air and I'm a happy girl. Since Fall is my most favorite season to decorate for, I have TONS of fall decorating ideas in my archives. Today I thought I would do a quick roundup of all the best fall decorating ideas I've planned over the years, so you guys can get inspired for your fall decor, too! The season … [Read more...]

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Regrowing Hair and Regaining Confidence after Chemo

If you haven't read it already, please go read my post from yesterday about managing my scalp psoriasis with MONAT Rejuveniqe oil. As if my results were not enough, today's MONAT testimony post is EVEN BETTER. This one seriously blows my mind. I have a friend who, at 38 years old, lost all of her beautiful hair to chemo treatments for breast cancer. She went to battle against her cancer and won (thank goodness!), but six months out of remission she was still wearing a wig because her hair … [Read more...]

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Battling Psoriatic Arthritis with a Magical Shampoo

Two years ago I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. It all started right after Caroline was born. I knew something was wrong when I started to feel like I had the flu every afternoon about 5 o'clock. I would lie in the bed with fever and chills, teeth chattering and bones aching, wondering what the HECK was wrong with me. Combine all of that with a heaping helping of postpartum depression and I was truly not well there for a while. After months of debilitating issues, lots of doctor … [Read more...]

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Easy Pumpkin Patch Candy for Halloween

Looking for a super easy and SUPER cute candy to take to the preschool party this Halloween?  This pumpkin spice flavored recipe is as cute as it is delicious. This is perfect for any fall gathering or as a fun recipe for kids to make! Ingredients 16 ounces White Melting Chocolate (aka "chocolate bark"; white chocolate chips will work also) 1 ½ teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice ¾ cup Mellowcreme Pumpkins ½ cup Green Sprinkles ½ cup Green M&Ms Instructions Place the … [Read more...]

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