Put on Your Positive Pants {Spring Printable Blog Hop!}

It's official. Caroline is finally sleeping in a big girl bed. We are two nights into a toddler bed and she hasn't taken any midnight strolls over to Grandma's house yet, so that's good. Hopefully, she will stay put, at least until she's 16 or so.... To celebrate this momentous occasion, I bought her this cute pillow made out of scraps of old quilts, hand-stitched with the words "put on your positive pants".  I knew as soon as I saw sitting on the shelf that it was perfect for her little … [Read more...]


Spring Porch Decorating 101

Winter is finally giving way to warmer weather, so it's time to start doing some Spring cleaning around here. My pitiful front porch has been sitting here since the day after Christmas looking all sad and dejected. I never really removed all my Christmas decor. I just took down the dead evergreen wreaths and left the rest sitting out there in the cold. But finally, this weekend, I got around to making the porch presentable for the Spring and Summer months ahead. Here is what it looks … [Read more...]

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Harry Potter World Part 2: Hogwarts Here we Come!

Yesterday I told you all about our very special first visit to Universal Studio's Harry Potter World where we got a private audience with Olivander the Wandmaker and explored every inch of Diagon Alley. The next day we went to Islands of Adventure to visit Hogsmeade village and see Hogwarts castle. Unfortunately Universal was SUPER crowded on this day, which meant he had to stand in line just to wave his wand and cast spells on the storefronts. It was totally packed, so I recommend … [Read more...]

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Our First Trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando

When my son Garrett turned 9, Harry Potter came into my life for the first time. Up until that point, I had never even cracked open a book or seen a single movie in the series. I was in college when the first book came out in 1997 and a newlywed by the time the series ended in 2006, so I totally missed the original phenomenon because I was busy doing, um... other things. But that all changed rapidly when my little muggle boy became obsessed with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We … [Read more...]

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Must-Have Things to Pack for Disney with a Toddler

Caroline just visited Disney World for the first time ever! As a headstrong, two and a half-year-old toddler, I was worried she would be at a hard age to visit the theme parks, but she did great. This is our fifth trip to Disney as a family but our first as a family of four (and with a little GIRL, who wants to meet totally different characters than our son ever did.) The best part about taking a toddler to Disney? They are TOTALLY FREE. Ages 2 and under get in free at Disney, so it cost us … [Read more...]

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Creative Ways to Save Money on a Disney Vacation

We just returned from an AWESOME trip to Orlando where we visited both Disney World and Universal Studios with the kids. Since time and money are in limited supply, we tried to plan this trip as efficiently as possible. Garrett had a four-day weekend out of school over President's day, so we took advantage of that and spent four nights in Orlando. I really tried to do my research and stick to a budget on this trip. In the past, we have spent WAY too much money on Disney vacations, so this time I … [Read more...]

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Tiptoe Through the Tulips at American Village in Montevallo

If you're looking for a fun southern road trip idea this weekend, come tiptoe through the tulips in Montevallo, Alabama. The 2nd annual Festival of Tulips begins this Saturday and it is truly a sight to behold. There are THOUSANDS of tulip bulbs planted in a huge field that you can go dig up and take home to enjoy for years to come. My mom and I went to the tulip festival last year and I was able to take a bunch of pictures. Check out how beautiful they are! If you've never … [Read more...]

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Home Tour: Farmhouse Twist on a Classic Colonial

Back when I was in college I had to take a class called "History of Interior Design" (yep, I have a degree in Interior Design believe it or not...) During that class, I had to create a binder with a picture of every single style of architecture throughout the history of the world starting with like... prehistoric caves. No joke. Greek Revival and Italianate and Baroque. Corinthian and Ionic and Doric. Frank Lloyd Wright and flying buttresses... It ALL went in this binder in neat little … [Read more...]

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Farmhouse Deals on Wheels

Have you ever come across an idea so great that you think to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that!?" Well brace yourself for this one, folks. It's a doozy. Earlier this week I got to meet Lisa Spencer, the owner of Tyler Decor Haven, which is one of THE coolest ideas for a home decor store I've ever seen. Lisa's rolling business is kind of like an ice cream truck for decorating enthusiasts. It's filled to the brim with fabulous farmhouse style decor so she can pull up to any curb, open the … [Read more...]

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Heartfelt and Handmade Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Hey friends! Today I'm joining 27 of my blog friends for a big Heartfelt and Handmade Valentine's Gift blog hop. Please stick around to the end of the post to see all of their gorgeous Valentine gift ideas-- you will NOT be disappointed! Little Miss Caroline has been absolutely obsessed with anything that makes her bath pretty lately.  Bath bombs, colored tablets, bubble bath-- you name it, she LOVES it. Here was her reaction to getting a bunch of Crayola colored bath tablets for … [Read more...]

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