Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup {just 3 ingredients!}

Over the years, plenty of folks have rolled their eyes at me for making my own chicken soup at home when there are rows and rows of canned soup on the supermarket shelf. But if you ever taken the time to read the label on the back of a can of soup you’ll see why I do it. There's MSG and preservatives and words I cannot even pronounce going on back there. Gross and not very healthy. My homemade soup literally has three ingredients (not counting the S&P) and it is SO easy to make. … [Read more...]


All-Natural Home Remedies for the Flu

My son's school is closed today because of a flu outbreak, so we are sitting home snuggled up in PJs watching cartoons and praying that none of us catch it. Thankfully we are well so far, and hope to stay that way. With the way things are going, though, who knows. The local hospitals are all at capacity and the governor has declared a medical state of emergency because so many people have the flu. Since the hospitals cannot handle the heavy influx of sick people they are advising folks who … [Read more...]

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The Night Owl’s Dilemma

All my life I've been a night owl. Even as a kid, I would stay up late reading books or drawing because my creative juices flow fastest at night. During the early morning and late afternoon my brain turns to mush, but during the middle of the night?? I am ON. As I was going through my Google Analytics looking for my top 10 posts of 2017, I noticed something about my blog that I thought was interesting. Most of the posts in my top 50 best posts were actually from 2014. It took me quite a few … [Read more...]

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Things to do on a Family Friendly Mardi Gras Vacation

When you think of Mardi Gras, you probably think of loose women baring their boobies on Bourbon Street to get some strands of beads. But did you know that there is also a HUGE Mardi Gras celebration in Mobile, Alabama every year that is way more tame, just as fun and totally family friendly? Start planning your next vacation with the kids, because after you read this post you're gonna want to start packing. Here's a fun fact: New Orleans likes to take all the credit, but the very first … [Read more...]

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The Christmas-to-Winter Mantel Transition

I've had a few folks ask me for advice on how to transition a Christmas mantel to a winter mantel. Here's my answer this year... I took down the stocking holders and called it a day. Other than that, my mantel is pretty much exactly as it was for Christmas this year. This is probably not the advice you wanted to hear, but it's truth.  … [Read more...]

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2017 Year in Review {My Top 10 Best Posts of 2017}

2017 is in the history books, and it was a doozy of a year. Thankfully, for me personally, it was not as bad as 2016, and for that I am grateful. This could be known as the year I got my sanity back after temporarily losing it for a few years. I bought myself a little jon boat with a trolling motor and have gotten back to fishing, which I LOVE with all my heart, so that has been really great for my mental health. We cancelled our cable and actively avoided getting sucked into the echo … [Read more...]

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Briskets, Beetles, Kayaks, & Chaos: Our 2017 Christmas Recap

Christmas 2017 is in the books, and I'm coming down from my holiday high by cleaning house, purging 7,000 old photos from my iphone and trying to find a place to squeeze all these new toys in the playroom. Seriously, look at all this stuff. Sanny Claus went a little overboard this year. On Christmas eve we headed over to my in-laws house for brunch, where Garrett got a kayak to take down to their new lake house.  He was over the moon excited about this one, since he spent a lot of hours … [Read more...]

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Five Perfect Christmas Cookies

  We used to have an annual Holiday tradition in my house called “Christmas Baking Day". My father-in-law would come over and we would roll up our sleeves in the kitchen together to do all sorts of holiday baking. He inherited his love of baking from his mother, and hopefully we will pass down this tradition to my son who also loves to help me in the kitchen. We've gotten out of the habit of Baking Days in the past few years, but I'm hoping to crank that back up again this … [Read more...]

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The Christmas Village made from Gingerbread and Paper

  We are less than 10 days away from Christmas now.  Can you feel the blood pressure starting to rise?  How are ya doing?  Presents bought?  Gifts wrapped?  Cards mailed? Am I giving you anxiety? Ok, I'll stop. How about you just sit back and relax and take a tour of my Christmas villages in the dining room instead of marking all that stuff off your to-do list? Ok, sounds good.  My friend Kristin over at Ella Claire Inspired recently posted a great tutorial on how to create … [Read more...]

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The Big 2017 Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to the 2017 "Better Late Than Never" Christmas home tour! Today I'm joining some home bloggers for a fun blog hop of our holiday homes.  If you're joining me from A Blue Nest, let me say "Welcome!" Glad to have ya! I told myself I wasn't going to get swept up in the holiday home tours of my blog niche this year. I didn't sign up for any last year and I wasn't planning on it this year, either. But last year I had a toddler who couldn't understand the word "No!" yet and I … [Read more...]

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