Simple School Lunches for Normal People

School is in full swing here, which means I have spent a lot of minutes staring blankly into my pantry with a puzzled look on my face, trying to figure out what I should be putting in my son's lunchbox. If I'm being honest, with everything that's been going on in our lives lately, I filled up his lunchroom credit card with cash and let him buy anything he wants from the cafeteria, which is usually a cheeseburger, Doritos and an ice cream sandwich.  :/ Not good. Finally I decided to … [Read more...]

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Late Summer Boredom Busters

Five Ways to Keep Kids Entertained in the Home Stretch Until School Starts Back Last week my facebook feed began filling up with everyone's First Day of School pics. Yours too? Yep, friends, it's already that time of year! Garrett still has a few more days before his school starts, so we are savoring every minute of this last lazy weekend before the alarm starts buzzing at 6 am.  But, this is also the time when I start hearing "I'm soooo bored!"  Summer vacation is great in the beginning. … [Read more...]

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15 Quick & Easy Back to School Lunch Ideas

Looking for some simple Back-to-School lunch ideas? Here's 15 of my favorites from around the web. I'm trying to find some good recipes for Garrett's school lunches, and I thought you might like some of these ideas, too! I love the idea of a "bento box" lunch- which basically means all the food is divided up in little containers so it doesn't touch. Some of these are a little too fancy for his taste, but I know I could adapt them to work for his lunchbox. 2 Hamburger Steaks & … [Read more...]

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