Simple Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home this Fall

Changing leaves and cooler weather make fall an appealing time to be outdoors. It’s also a great time to make some outdoor improvements to your house that can enhance your home’s curb appeal. Whether you want a simple fix or a more intensive project, I have some fun ideas to add curb appeal to your home this fall. Take Care of the Landscaping Every year we go to battle with the falling leaves. Back when we lived on 3 acres of hardwoods, we usually lost that battle. The picture above was my … [Read more...]


5 Steps to Farmhouse Curb Appeal

Hey guys! It's time for June's "Meet The Blogger" series where I have one of my blog friends guest post for me while I post over on their site. This month I'm SUPER excited to introduce you to Lisa of Farmhouse on Boone! Lisa and I share a love of farmhouse style decorating and front porch swings. Her beautiful home makes me want to paint mine all-white and toss out any scrap of clutter. And she can sew some really awesome stuff! I am honored to have two of her fall pillow covers that I … [Read more...]

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Sucker for succulents- a DIY Succulent Wreath Tutorial

This week I finally got around to a project that I've been wanting to accomplish since... um.... 2001? 2002? A DIY Succulent Wreath! Yeah. I'm not a procrastinator at all. Better late than never, right? I created these DIY succulent wreaths today in just a few hours, and I wanted to show you how to do them yourself. I'm just so completely in love with the way that these turned out. If you can't tell from the first photos- they are initial wreaths! One letter for each person in our … [Read more...]

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How to Arrange a Bouquet of Flowers from Your Garden

At our big family events growing up, my mama would put me in charge of the flower arrangements. She said I had the magic touch when it came to arranging a bouquet of flowers in a vase, so that was always my job. Once I used her crystal punch bowl filled with cranberries and fall flowers for our Thanksgiving centerpiece and I thought she was going to cry, she loved it so much. I wish I had a picture of that bouquet, but it was way before the invention of social media when every little detail … [Read more...]

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Plant a Cutting Garden for Year-Round Flower Arrangements

One of the most rewarding things in my life is heading out into my garden with a pair of scissors and cutting myself a huge bouquet of fresh flowers. I guess that tells you just how boring my life is these days, huh? Over the years, I have purposefully planted my yard with flowers, trees and shrubs that bloom all year round so that I always have something fresh growing to brighten up my home. When that "Pick a flower" day comes around during Teacher Appreciation week, I am ready. I try to … [Read more...]

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8 Easy Gardening Ideas for Beginners

It's time for May's Meet the Blogger! This month, I'm welcoming Sarah from Ugly Duckling House to share her garden projects with y'all while I'm over on her blog showing her readers my garden ideas. If you're new to gardening, Sarah's got some great ideas to share today! :) Enjoy... Hi, everyone! I'm Sarah from Ugly Duckling House, and I'm psyched to be blog-swapping today with Beth! She's so FUNNY in real life, and it's such a pleasure whenever our paths cross. Over on my blog, I … [Read more...]

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DIY Fairy Lights Pouring from a Watering Can

A few months back my mom sent me this picture she found on Pinterest with a text that said: "Please make me one of these!" It's a rare event that she requests something like this, so I decided I had to make one ASAP. The inspiration photo she sent me looked simple enough-- a watering can hanging from a porch with a strand of lights dripping out of the faucet into the plant container below. Your wish is my command, mama! How cute is this idea? So, for Mother's Day this year, I made … [Read more...]

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Top Five Shade Loving Plants for a Summer Garden

Imagine this... You've just moved into a home with tall shade trees surrounding the property. Those big hardwoods provide plenty of privacy and protection from the sun, but there go all of your plans for that sunny perennial garden. Never fear, m'dears! I have been in your shoes, and I'm here to shine some light on the darkest parts of your yard. Finding the right plants for a shady garden can be a challenge, but there are plenty other shade-loving plants besides just lichen and … [Read more...]

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Screened-in Back Porch Makeover {+ a new swing bed!}

It's been a long time since I've shared a good before and after decorating post with y'all, so get excited, because today's post is gonna be awesome! Our house came with a hot tub on the back porch that was used approximately 2.5 times in the 3.5 years we have lived here. I thought we would enjoy it more since our Master bedroom opens right onto the screened-in porch, but I was totally wrong.  It sat in the corner, covered in a thick layer of dust, taking up too much space on my porch. … [Read more...]

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Spring Porch Decorating 101

Winter is finally giving way to warmer weather, so it's time to start doing some Spring cleaning around here. My pitiful front porch has been sitting here since the day after Christmas looking all sad and dejected. I never really removed all my Christmas decor. I just took down the dead evergreen wreaths and left the rest sitting out there in the cold. But finally, this weekend, I got around to making the porch presentable for the Spring and Summer months ahead. Here is what it looks … [Read more...]

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