Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes Me Happy

I'm always amazed how people are woven into our lives to teach us lessons in love, hope, humility, and kindness. God has a funny way of wrapping up tough situations with a big bow on top and handing them back to us in the most unexpected ways.   Today was one of those days for me.  But first let me back up and start from the beginning. When I was a child, I was diagnosed with a rare hip disease called Legg Calve Perthes.  I touched on the subject in the story of my childhood home. I also … [Read more...]

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The Houses that Built Me {West Blocton}

In 1979 my parents decided to build a house. They like to call this era the “Mother Earth” phase of their lives.  I just call it my childhood.  My earliest memories begin in this home that they built for us nestled underneath the tall loblolly pine trees in West Blocton, Alabama.  Actually most of my memories take place outside of the house, since that is where I spent the majority of my time running around barefoot in the dirt with my older sister and neighboring kids. I was less than two … [Read more...]

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An Alabama Estate Sale

Last Friday afternoon I turned off of Real Life Drive and went riding around the backroads of Alabama with the sunroof back on a perfect cloudless day. I met a customer for a site visit and then took the long route back home through the woods. My friends Jamey Johnson and Eric Church and Colt Ford came along for the ride.It was like my soul rejoiced. Being alone in the car with freedom to crank up the radio with my own music? Heaven. Do you other moms miss just riding alone? Man, I miss it … [Read more...]

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Honeymoon memories of Asheville and The Biltmore

My husband and I visited the Biltmore on our honeymoon in October 2004. While we were there they were already starting to decorate for Christmas in mid-October, if that tells you how BIG their Christmas decorations are! They go all out for Christmas with a themed tree in nearly every room of the house. Those Vanderbilt's take their Christmas mantel decorations seriously, y'all.  We were not allowed to take photos inside of the home, but here are the stunning grounds. There is a massive … [Read more...]

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Back it on up like a U-Haul Truck

When I was a kid my dad used to get in these crazy cleaning frenzy moods and force all of us to do serious spring cleaning of EPIC proportions around our house. He would get this crazed look in his eye and before too long Hurricane Daddy would unleash his fury on the closets and cabinets and toy chests of our home. Imagine a pregnant lady nesting... on crack... and you've got my dad in one of those moods. One time he literally backed the truck up to my sister's bedroom window and started … [Read more...]

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Bye Bye BOBB

The most fun chapter of my life so far just closed. A guy about 18 years old drove away with my boat last night. He is a super sweet kid, though. He was so excited to get it, and I'm really glad it is going to someone who will love it like I did!  He was so nice. He is the brother of a girl that my cousin was good friends with in high school, so in a convoluted way I kinda felt like he was kin.  He brought a friend and we all rode down to the lake on Tuesday for him to test drive it.  It was the … [Read more...]

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These next two pictures are the stuff of comedy GOLD. I love how every single emotion is captured in just two still shots. My mom is saying, "JULIE!!" Oh, man it just owns me every time. … [Read more...]

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Pier of Memories

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