Top Five Shade Loving Plants for a Summer Garden

Imagine this... You've just moved into a home with tall shade trees surrounding the property. Those big hardwoods provide plenty of privacy and protection from the sun, but there go all of your plans for that sunny perennial garden. Never fear, m'dears! I have been in your shoes, and I'm here to shine some light on the darkest parts of your yard. Finding the right plants for a shady garden can be a challenge, but there are plenty other shade-loving plants besides just lichen and … [Read more...]


What Might Have Been

The day started like any other--a lazy weekend when my husband took the kids to visit his parents at their lake house. I stayed home to work on projects and get the laundry put away. But as soon as he walked through the door, I could tell something was different. Something had happened. His eyes were shining with excitement as he pulled out his phone and said "I found a building today." Ok, let me back up a bit. I had been toying with the idea of opening a brick and mortar store to … [Read more...]

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Addicted 2 DIY {a fun Blog Swap}

Today's a special day! I've joined up with a group of talented bloggers to do a monthly "Blog Swap".  That means each month I will be posting on their sites and they will be sharing their posts on mine! This is a fun way for you guys to be introduced and inspired by some talented DIY bloggers that you might not know already. For April's swap, I'm excited to be teamed up with Katie from Addicted 2 DIY. Her projects are AMAZING and I cannot wait for you to see them!! And her tailgate story made me … [Read more...]

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Screened-in Back Porch Makeover {+ a new swing bed!}

It's been a long time since I've shared a good before and after decorating post with y'all, so get excited, because today's post is gonna be awesome! Our house came with a hot tub on the back porch that was used approximately 2.5 times in the 3.5 years we have lived here. I thought we would enjoy it more since our Master bedroom opens right onto the screened-in porch, but I was totally wrong.  It sat in the corner, covered in a thick layer of dust, taking up too much space on my porch. … [Read more...]

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Put on Your Positive Pants {Spring Printable Blog Hop!}

It's official. Caroline is finally sleeping in a big girl bed. We are two nights into a toddler bed and she hasn't taken any midnight strolls over to Grandma's house yet, so that's good. Hopefully, she will stay put, at least until she's 16 or so.... To celebrate this momentous occasion, I bought her this cute pillow made out of scraps of old quilts, hand-stitched with the words "put on your positive pants".  I knew as soon as I saw sitting on the shelf that it was perfect for her little … [Read more...]

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Spring Porch Decorating 101

Winter is finally giving way to warmer weather, so it's time to start doing some Spring cleaning around here. My pitiful front porch has been sitting here since the day after Christmas looking all sad and dejected. I never really removed all my Christmas decor. I just took down the dead evergreen wreaths and left the rest sitting out there in the cold. But finally, this weekend, I got around to making the porch presentable for the Spring and Summer months ahead. Here is what it looks … [Read more...]

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Home Tour: Farmhouse Twist on a Classic Colonial

Back when I was in college I had to take a class called "History of Interior Design" (yep, I have a degree in Interior Design believe it or not...) During that class, I had to create a binder with a picture of every single style of architecture throughout the history of the world starting with like... prehistoric caves. No joke. Greek Revival and Italianate and Baroque. Corinthian and Ionic and Doric. Frank Lloyd Wright and flying buttresses... It ALL went in this binder in neat little … [Read more...]

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Farmhouse Deals on Wheels

Have you ever come across an idea so great that you think to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that!?" Well brace yourself for this one, folks. It's a doozy. Earlier this week I got to meet Lisa Spencer, the owner of Tyler Decor Haven, which is one of THE coolest ideas for a home decor store I've ever seen. Lisa's rolling business is kind of like an ice cream truck for decorating enthusiasts. It's filled to the brim with fabulous farmhouse style decor so she can pull up to any curb, open the … [Read more...]

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The Christmas-to-Winter Mantel Transition

I've had a few folks ask me for advice on how to transition a Christmas mantel to a winter mantel. Here's my answer this year... I took down the stocking holders and called it a day. Other than that, my mantel is pretty much exactly as it was for Christmas this year. This is probably not the advice you wanted to hear, but it's truth.  … [Read more...]

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The Basement Man-Office is Complete

Remember our ugly basement makeover? Well, I'm finally getting around to sharing the basement decor with you today. This room has been completed for a long while now, but I'm a bad blogger who doesn't get around to posting things in a timely manner. Forgive me? This is the room we created for my husband's office space on the days he works from home. We found this awesome Ralph Lauren desk on sale at Homegoods a while back while searching for a new dining room table. I bought it … [Read more...]

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