Healthy Living is Hard

I walked up and down the grocery store today and estimated that there are about 10 gajillion calories and fat grams in those aisles, give or take a jillion. All of those options yet so many of them are TERRIBLE for me. I shouldn't even give them a second glance, but they taste oh so delicious. Healthy eating is hard, y'all. I know it because I live it, and now I'm helping my mom try to figure it out as well. My mom was discharged from the hospital one month ago after open heart surgery, … [Read more...]

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Simple Cast Iron Skillet Scrub

I use my cast iron skillet all the time when I'm cooking dinner. This skillet and I cook the majority of our family meals together, as well as some special event food like Charleston Cheese Dip and Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls.  But inevitably, after dinnertime is over, this is what I'm facing.... I know everyone says cast iron should be non-stick but let's be real here.  Cast iron ain't T-Fal, y'all. If I sear meat in cast iron, there will be a sludge of charbroiled blackness … [Read more...]

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Five Things Your Garbage Disposal Wants You to Know

Back in the early 2000's when I was an apartment dweller I had a garbage disposal in my sink.  I will admit it was kinda scary when a spoon accidentally dropped down inside of it but I LOVED having it as an option for quick and easy cleanups. I've missed that old disposal over the years. After I moved out of the apartment I started buying houses, and our past three houses have been on a septic tank. I have always been told that garbage disposals are not compatible with a septic tank, so I … [Read more...]

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