City Farmhouse Popup Show, 2015

Hey everybody! It’s Caroline here with my very first blog post! I got my first taste of the vendor booth lifestyle at the City Farmhouse Pop Up show in Franklin, TN yesterday.  I was raring to go with tickets provided by Kim from City Farmhouse. Thanks so much, Kim! But, once we got to the Fair all I could think to myself was HOLY GUACAMOLE IT’S COLD OUT HERE! “Mama, I’m freezing!” Yes, it was super cold!  I woke up to a frost warning notification on my mom’s phone, so she bundled … [Read more...]

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How To Shop Like A Pro At Fairs and Festivals

Remember that time I spoke on the Main Stage at the Country Living Fair and totally kicked my fear of public speaking in the booty? If you couldn't make it out to see my presentation last October, today is your lucky day! I'm going to share my best tips and tricks from the speech, minus all the awkward introductions since you guys already know who I am if you're reading my blog. The original speech was called "Flaunt your Fair Finds", but for Google's sake I'm going to change the title … [Read more...]

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Fear, Conquered.

  You GUYS!  I did it! I completely conquered my fear of public speaking and made that stage my oyster.  This past weekend I stood on this stage at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta and gave my presentation without a stutter or a stammer or even a shortness of breath.  I'm still floating on Cloud nine...  Let me give you a glimpse of what a big deal this was for me.  … [Read more...]

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Bella or Bust, and an Ode to the DIY Bloggers of the World.

I could have SWORN that I put this recap up on my blog last Fall, but apparently I am losing my mind, because after digging through my archives it’s not turning up anywhere.  So, in true belated Boppy fashion, here I am nearly a YEAR later giving you the deets on one of the best events I attended last year.    The debut of Bella Rustica in September of 2012 was quite an event.  It was held in a giant barn at Milky Way Farms in Pulaski, Tennessee, which was just beautiful.  The farm was owned … [Read more...]

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