Super Cute & Unique Fairy Garden Ideas

Who else has developed an obsession with all these super cute fairy garden ideas you see pinned all over Pinterest?  I cannot get enough of them! When I recently stepped inside Myers Plants and Pottery and saw all their amazing fairy garden ideas, I was literally blown away.  I asked the owner if I could take photos, and he kindly said yes, so here you go!  Take a tour of some of the cutest little fairy gardens you ever did see! I love the little white house center of this fairy garden.  … [Read more...]

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How to turn your home into a personalized Christmas ornament

Many Pinterest moons ago I spied with my little eye this personalized Christmas ornament that was an exact replica of a house.  The link took me to an etsy shop that listed the ornaments for about $1,000 a pop, and stated that she was booked out until 2057 or sometime in the distant future.  I was so sad, because that personalized ornament was just about the most perfect gift for my sister (and myself) that I had ever seen. Of course now that I check etsy I see that there are plenty of options … [Read more...]

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Constructing An Epic Fairy Garden

Anyone else out there have a fondness for fairy gardens?  The Epic movie was one of my very favorite cartoons released this year.  Every time I wander around our yard with Garrett we point out little humps of moss or gnarled knots in trees that could hide a fairy lurking underneath.  I love the imagination behind it all, and the magical wonder of the possibility of a tiny world that exists right underneath our noses.  Every time a bug splats our window Garrett asks if it was a Boggan.  If you … [Read more...]

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