Current House Tour

Welcome to our current house tour!  


We bought this house in Spring of 2015 when I was pregnant with our daughter Caroline.  I call this our “right-sizing” move.  We were able to shed the massive mortgage had on our previous house and relieve a LOT of the stress on our finances. It’s been a really great move for us. 


We still have about 3 acres of land and complete privacy in our backyard, but now live right next door to my mom and dad.  Literally, right next door. According to the fitbit, their house is 300 feet from my front door.  It’s pretty awesome for my kids to grow up living this close to Grandma and Granddaddy. 


This house has an actual front porch stoop, which I have not had before. I love it. 


So, come on in and let’s take the tour! 

Pretty Spring home decor ideas- Mora swedish clock and a coal bucket full of blooms.

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I adore my antique apothecary cabinet in the foyer so I can pretend to be Claire from Outlander every time I pass my front door. #wheresjamie 

Vintage glass apothecary jars with glass labels filled with dried lavender


Cottage-Decor-Home-Tour_thumb.jpg Unskinny-Boppy-Home-Tour-6_thumb.jpg Unskinny-Boppy-Home-Tour-5_thumb.jpg

The ceilings in the living room are massive with a balcony to the second floor overlooking it.  I think I need a taller Christmas tree! 


Unskinny-Boppy-Home-Tour-4.jpg Unskinny-Boppy-Home-Tour-21.jpg



Our sweet dog Gus passed away in February 2016, so now his brother Woodrow has a prime spot by the fireplace.  We all miss Gus very much, but especially Garrett. 

Pretty Spring home decor ideas-1

It’s an open living plan, so the kitchen/ dining/ living areas are all wide open to each other.  This works great for our family. 


Pretty Spring home decor ideas-17


Moen Weymouth Kitchen faucet (farmhouse style) (12 of 15)

Master Bedroom



Cottage-Decor-Home-Tour-9.jpgCottage-Decor-Home-Tour-11_thumb.jpg Cottage-Decor-Home-Tour-10.jpg

Caroline’s Nursery

Magical Unicorn Girl's Nursery-8 Magical Unicorn Girl's Nursery-13 Magical Unicorn Girl's Nursery-1

Attic Office & Playroom


We renovated our unfinished attic space above the garage into a playroom for the kids and an office space for me.  It’s by far my most favorite room in the house. 
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Amazing Attic Playroom - Office-7

Amazing Attic Playroom - Office-13

We added a book nook in the back corner for a cozy reading space.  

Amazing Attic Playroom - Office-2

You can lay down and stretch out your legs and it is soooooooooo super comfy in there. I cannot even put into words how amazing this book nook has been for us. 

Pretty Spring home decor ideas-14

I wish you guys could all come curl up in it and read your cares away in the middle of a rainstorm. Because April showers bring lots of high quality snoozing. 


Renovated Attic Playroom- Office-Craft Room by Unskinny Boppy-7

Perhaps Today Printable-2

We’ve worked REALLY hard to transform this backyard at this house into our little oasis. There’s still more work to be done, but it makes me very happy to step outside now. 


I had raised garden beds added so I can grow veggies really easily now. Love this area so much! 


There are still lots of parts of this house to show you guys, so stay tuned! I’ll be adding more spaces as we get them completed.

Meanwhile, if you need me… I’ll be down at the lake with a fishing pole in my hand enjoying sunsets like these… 

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