Christmas in a Minute: Pumpkin Seed Christmas Trees

Guess what? DIY Christmas project time is upon us!  If you're searching for an easy Christmas craft project, you came to the right place. These cute pumpkin seed Christmas trees are quick and fun to make at home with a few simple supplies.  Have you guys ever gone into Costco and gotten sucked into buying something that you totally don’t need because you just KNEW you could use it?  That is what happened with me and these pumpkin seeds.  Standing in Costco one day I spotted this GIGANTIC bag … [Read more...]

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The Most Amazing Scrapbooking Room You Ever Did See.

As promised in yesterday’s vintage student desk makeover tutorial, I’m back today with a tour of The Most Amazing Scrapbooking Room You Ever Did See. Here is the new home of the little chevron desk… my mom’s craft room that we recently made over: My mom is a lover of all things crafty.  Y’all know I had to get all this creativity from somewhere, right?  Well, my mother gave me a healthy dose of it for sure.  Ever since I can remember, she has been sculpting or painting or hot-gluing something … [Read more...]

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How to make Golden leaves from Clay

In yesterday’s post about fall decorating ideas I promised to tell you how to make these gold leaf place settings from my table.  Are you ready?  Don’t blink,  you might miss it.  It’s super simple.   Step 1.  Gather leaves from your yard. I found that green hydrangea leaves worked really well since they left deeper grooves in the clay. The pointed sweet gum leaves worked well, also. Step 2. Flatten out a lump of white polymer clay so it’s about 1/4” thick.  This will require a pasta maker … [Read more...]

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