Summer Mantel Decorating {2013}

Hellllooooooo out there…. I’m back home from a fun vacation to Niagara Falls and ready to hop back in the saddle after a nice long extended break from the blog.  So far this year we’ve had a nice mild spring and summer but now that the heat has cranked up to near 100 outside I’m ready to head back inside to the air conditioning and the comfort of my laptop.       What better way to ease back into regularly scheduled blog posts again than with a summer mantel post?  Let’s just pretend like I … [Read more...]

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Pinterest inspired Galvanized bucket Stacked Planter

There are few things in this world I enjoy more than gardening and breathing new life into things that most people would consider old junk bound for the landfill.  When I saw this gorgeous galvanized stacked planter that I saw on Pinterest from the header of The Pink Hammer Blog I KNEW I had to make one of my own. We have two hundred+ pound labradors that are more like horses than dogs, so I already had a big galvanized tub that we used to use as a puppy hot tub when they were little, and I … [Read more...]

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DIY Galvanized Metal Bunting Tutorial

Ever since we took a trip to Pennsylvania Dutch country in October, I’ve had it in my mind to recreate this galvanized metal bunting that I saw draped on a store display in one of the Amish shops.  Here is the photo I took that day of their bunting.  I love the look of galvanized metal mixed in with rustic decor, and bunting is super popular right now.   I should have just purchased it when I found it, but for some reason I had a hard time pulling the trigger on a lot of things on that trip. I … [Read more...]

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