How to Remove Wallpaper Like a Pro

Ever wondered how to remove wallpaper like a professional?  Today I'm sharing all the tips and tricks I learned for the quickest and easiest ways to  strip wallpaper. Remember when I told you about both of my upstairs bathrooms that were covered in 1990's "Home Alone" throwback wallpaper and dying for a makeover?  Well, today I'm going to show you what we did to totally transform Garrett's bathroom from dated and boring to totally fun and fresh! Here is the Before and After of his bathroom … [Read more...]

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The True Value of Heirlooms

Since I was asked to be a part of the 2013 True Value DIY Blog Squad, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting three different True Value stores.  In every single one, my experience has been the same.  When I walk through the doors and begin browsing the aisles, a friendly face comes over to greet me and say hello, then asks if there is anything they can help me find.  Every store is independently owned, so they carry different items, yet every single one oozes with home town pride and friendliness … [Read more...]

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