Steubenville pottery and a camera tripod – my Thifty Treasures!

Like I mentioned in my blue paint kitchen reveal post, I scored some great little pieces of pottery at a yard sale last week.

I found these beautiful vintage Woodfield leaf plates (saucers?) by Steubenville for $3.00 each.

They were in great condition!

I bought the {w}hole bag for $5.00 so I got them for $2.50 each.

Not bad considering these are selling on etsy for $18.00 for a set of three!

I love the way this one looks in the herb crate next to my fridge.

And the green one looks good layered in between my Willow House Villa Stoneware in the other crate!

Yahoo for a great find!

I stopped at another yardsale that same day and ran across this camera tripod for $5.00. I wasn’t sure if it would fit my camera so I asked the girl if she would take $3.00 and she agreed! Turns out the camera fits perfectly on it, and I used it today to take a bunch of nice level, non-shaky photos of my kitchen with it!

Like this!

I have come so close to buying one of these at Best Buy over the years but for my needs I’m glad I waited and found this one. My husband isn’t thrilled at the thought of me using my expensive new camera on a $3.00 used tripod, but I feel ok about it. 🙂

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  1. Great finds. You did great holding out waiting to get a tripod. You can’t go wrong with spending $3. Pretty pottery too.

  2. I like how you have displayed your new plates.

    Great buy on the tripod!

  3. I’m watching a camera on eBay and I love it all the more because it might come with a tripod. Something I’ve never had, but need for sure!

  4. Great score!

    I LOVE the crates on the wall, fantastic idea!


  5. Nice job displaying your pottery Beth! Great deal on the tripod too.


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