DIY a Vintage Flag with Ribbon and a Handkerchief

A few years back I found this set of vintage baby crib springs at a local junk shop.  It was chipped and rusty and moldy on one corner, but I loved the harlequin shape of the springs.

vintage crib spring

At the same time I also saw an old weathered mantelpiece that called my name in a major way.

I had NO idea how I would use either item, but I knew that I loved them both and would eventually find a way to work them into my house.  My husband gave me some major side-eye over these two purchases, but he kindly delivered them to our garage without complaint.   

And finally, after many moons, I figured out exactly where those two items were meant to be.  

Right here in my new dining room…. 

4th of July Table Decorating ideas-9

Yep, that vintage “flag” up there?  I made that out of nothing but ribbon and a handkerchief.  And about forty-leven push-pins. 

4th of July Table Decorating ideas-35


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4th of July Table Decorating ideas-42


  1. Roll out the ribbon and cut in lengths to cover the crib horizontally.  
  2. Use thumbtacks to attach the ribbons to the sides of the crib. Start with a red stripe at the bottom and alternate the ribbons until you cover the entire set of springs with 7 red and 6 “white” stripes.  
  3. Then attach the blue handkerchief in the upper left corner (when front-facing) so it resembles our blue stars on the flag. Iron the handkerchief so it has nice sharp creases to fold around the edge of the ribbons. Use a straight pin to secure any loose edges.
  4. Pat yourself on the back and display your new vintage flag artwork! 
    4th of July Table Decorating ideas-37

4th of July Table Decorating ideas-38

Seriously, this was the easiest project ever. 

4th of July Table Decorating ideas-41
I am SO happy with the way this quick little patriotic project turned out.  I might leave it up way past the Fourth of July! 

4th of July Table Decorating ideas-15

I’m so glad I bought these two pieces at the antique store so long ago.  It took me a while to figure it out, but once I found the perfect spot for these pretty pieces to live, I could not be happier with how they look. 

4th of July Table Decorating ideas-5

Don’t be scared to take a risk and buy that junky stuff you love.  Eventually you’ll find a home for it!

From one Miss Independence to another, I wish you all a happy 4th of July!! 

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  1. It looks great! Nice job.

  2. I just love it! I would have liked that crib spring with nothing too but you made it awesome with the ribbon Beth!

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