Oh, Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree found a new home in the sun room. It is perfect because it’s out of the way but still visible from the living room. Our tree is pretty big, and it’s on a spinner, so it needs a lot of room to get it’s twirl on. This room is great for that.

The angel topper sitting on the bookcase behind it was one of my husband’s grandmother’s tree toppers. It’s pretty special to have her displayed.

The wreaths in the background came from a local store called Home Accents a few years ago. They have little fake ice crystals all over them that like to shed all over my house when they are in use, but they sure are pretty!

Garrett has done pretty well with the tree this year. I put all the breakable ornaments out of his reach and let him help decorate the bottom of the tree with shatterproof and non-glass stuff. He is really enjoying everything about Christmas this year, so I think he finally gets it. It’s going to be a fun Christmas morning!!

Here is my tiny tot with his and Tow Mater’s eyes all aglow. They look like they could get a tan from the glow of this tree. Or a Tannenbaum. Ba-dump bump… hehehe

Here are a select few of my favorite ornaments. I am more for sentimental ornament that remind me of people/places/things than for having a generic tree covered in pretty decorative ornaments. I can appreciate those beautiful trees, but I prefer to have mine covered in memorabilia.

This gold leaf ornament came from my 2007 trip to Vermont with my mom. I have quite a few leaf ornaments. Some are wooden, some are ceramic, some are pottery, some are Canadian, and some are gold like this one. I love them all because they remind me of a gold leaf necklace pendant that my Granny used to wear. I’m a sucker for the sentimental.

This one was bought in 2005 when we bought our first house together. I’ve been trying to find a similar one this year but haven’t found what I’m searching for yet. Anyone seen one like this?

I have this gigantic collection of Katherine’s kissing fish. I won’t show them all to you because I seriously have a bit of an addiction, but this guy here started it all. He was my very first Katherine’s kissing frog that I ever bought way back in 1999!

Here is an Octopus that looks like Father Christmas. I mean really, what is NOT to love about a Father Christmas Octopus?

Do you guys have a pickle on your tree? If not you should! Everyone loves to play hide the pickle!

I got this ornament when I was pregnant with G. And I love Smores. Enough said.

Garrett loves it when these guys spin around. He yells “Hey Gus and Ro!”

So there you go… from kissing frogs to dill pickles, there’s a small sampling of my crazy conglomerate of non-matching but very sentimental ornaments on my tree. I love each and every single ornament on the tree, and as our collection grows it’s so much fun to reminisce about where we were and what we were doing when we purchased them.

I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. The Mulberry Girl says:

    The picture of your boy in front of the tree is just precious! What a fun age to celebrate Christmas, it’s so much better with little ones!

  2. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says:

    Beautiful! I’m building a sunroom right now and would love to have a big tree like this in it by next Christmas. 🙂

  3. Lamp Tramp says:

    I LOVE your tree, it so looks white in your first picture. It must have a million lights. How fun that it spins! 🙂

  4. Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt says:

    The 1st picture is amazing with your little boy. It could be a postcard. Lovely.


  5. Diane Costanza says:

    Wow that tree photographs so bright! Some great shot of Garret with the tree.


  6. About the 2005 leaf ornatment, I found 2 this year (2011 Oct. and Nov.) at TJMaxx one gold and one silver. Good luck



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