Pot Luck

I had a lot of alternate titles for this post, but I chose the Southern Baptist route instead of the Cheech and Chong route.

This weekend I spotted this guy and fell in love with his simple blue/grey color and his fleur-de-lis.

My husband urged me to buy something more colorful because our pool patio is pretty drab right now. When I found this pretty pot I knew she had to come home with us. My mom has had these half pots by her pool for a few years and they are just gorgeous with plants spilling out of them!

I loved the aqua-ness of her. I think I’ll name her Mary Jane Potman.

We paid for our purchases and left the store, ready to head back to the house. And that’s when J spotted this guy here:

As we were driving away I stopped to get a closer look and instantly fell in love with this container! I felt like the little girl in Despicable Me who sees the unicorn at the fair.


And BLUE. Look at that vibrant blue!

It’s tall and wide like a windowbox but skinny in depth and just perfect for the narrow spot between our retaining wall and pool edge where a big round pot would be in the way. The height is what really sold me– it’s high enough to cover up some of the beige split faced block that we stare at our our living room window.

And it got even better when J went and asked the guy what his lowest price would be and he offered a great deal for a pair of them.


I already had the green pot from last year’s Smith and Hawkin clearance section at Target. These guys flanked him beautifully.

I made Gus and Woodrow be my models to give you an idea of how high the planters are. Keep in mind old ’96er Woodrow is a hoss of a dog. These things are huge! And they weigh a ton.

Gus says “What’s that cracking noise I hear?”

“Oh, just the sound of J’s back breaking after he unloaded two of these big bad mammyjammies from the car? Tell him to take two glucosamine & chondroitin dog bones and call me in the morning.”

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