From Yellow to Blue: a Kitchen Transformation

To say that I’m happy with the way that the new kitchen paint turned out would be the understatement of the year.

light kitchen paint

I am ecstatic! Overjoyed! Thrilled! Just completely in love with the results.

Restoration Hardware Silver Sage Paint

I chose Restoration Hardware Silver Sage for the paint on the walls, and we also chose to add an extra few inches to the crown molding by using picture molding about 3″ beneath the existing crown and painting it all one color to match. Great decision there.

This paint changes with the light. When it’s bright outside, it’s a light blue/grey color. When it’s cloudy outside, it’s a warm green/ grey color. When it’s dark outside, it’s a cool silvery grey color. It’s the chameleon of paints, I tell you.

Restoration Hardware Silver Sage Paint

That column really needs to scoot over so I can get a clear shot of the whole room!

Since everyone loves a good B&A let me show you how it looked before with the yellow paint from the previous owners:

yellow kitchen before

And today with the new fresh coat of light blue/gray/green goodness on it and what appears to be some sort of alien spacecraft blasting off outside the window….

silver sage paint after

The Restoration Hardware Silver Sage paint color looks great with the cabinetry and the countertop and the kitchen table and the rug and the floors! You can’t ask for much better than that.

Restoration Hardware Silver Sage Paint

The breakfast nook is about 50 jillion times better in blue than the old yellow paint.

Restoration Hardware Silver Sage Paint

Garrett jumped into one of my shots and I just have to show y’all his cute face. He makes me laugh.

Here is the before with the previous owners salmon colored curtains that I agonized over taking down. Um. Yeah. Now I don’t know what took me so long.

yellow walls/ paula deen kitchen table

And the after with the valances removed and new blue paint.

RH Silver Sage in breakfast nook

Ahhhhhhh… It’s like my Paula Deen table went to the spa and came back all rejuvenated instead of jaundiced.

Even my favorite Scarborough Seed Company parsley, rosemary and thyme nesting herb boxes got decorated after they went back up on the wall this time!

herb crates

The top one got a vintage Steubenville Woodfield blue leaf plate that I picked up at a yardsale last week for $2.00!

The middle one got a bundle of green grassy stuff that I’ve had for years (originally from Homegoods, I believe?) NOT rosemary, obviously.

The bottom one got an assortment of my favorite Willow House Villa Stoneware plates.

Willow House villa stoneware

Here’s a good B&A of the herb crates on the yellow wall versus the blue:


herb crates

Here is a shot looking towards the butler’s pantry and dining room. I traded out the little slate topped telephone table that I had in this corner for a grey slatted table that I bought from The Foundary a few months ago.

I put a small chicken wire basket there in hopes of taming the clutter that is our junk mail. In the past this little area has turned into paper stacking central, but I’m giving myself a pep talk and making it pretty in an effort to keep it from piling up again.

I’m loving the rustic little display on the bottom.  Those log slices (aka Basswood rounds) are my decorating bread and butter these days.  i use them for everything.  That cloche is actual the top from a cheese dome I bought from the Pier One Outlet in 2004. Love a multipurpose piece with longevity. I’m combining my love of the mountains and the ocean with a weird little combo of birch bark candles and seashells but I think it works! We’ll see how long it will last with a 3 year old running around.

I love the quatrefoil design on this Willow House Keepsake card and photo display thingie. It’s so pretty! I need to find a new spot to hang my keys, though.

Willow house card and photo display quatrefoil

My encaustic photo frame is super happy sitting on this new blue wall!

Encaustic photo

I could just not be any happier with the way the kitchen turned out. I’m SO happy I chose this paint color in here! I was so worried about choosing a paint that would make my glazed kitchen cabinets look really dingy or dirty but this paint doesn’t do that at all. If anything it makes them look LESS dirty than the yellow. More vanilla and less lemon. I can dig it.

It’s perfect. This paint makes me so happy. Total mood lifter.

glazed cabinets with silver sage blue paint

Hooray for blue! I love you, Restoration Hardware for creating the perfect grey/blue paint!   For those of you who asked for the numbers from the paint can lid to get this color matched at your local Sherwin Williams, here you go! Hope this helps!

Sherwin Williams colormatched RH Silver Sage

Be sure to stop by my Home Tour to see the other rooms in my house painted with Restoration Hardware Silver Sage!  (hint: there are a lot of them!)

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  1. Daralynn Lett says:

    Your kitchen cabinets are beautiful.

  2. Beth – So fresh and bright! I love all the details you added to make it yours. It can be so overwhelming taking over a space that is already so boldly defined. It is beautiful! Thank you for sharing on the Hunt & Host Home Tour Link up! I sincerely appreciate it! kim

  3. Hi,

    I was looking at your home tour and wondering which colors did you use for Garrett’s room and your office.


  4. Looks SO different! Amazing what paint can do + brilliant trim work!

  5. I absolutely love it! You’re right, it is the perfect blue/grey! I also love your herb boxes and the way you staged them. I’d sit with a cuppa tea in that kitchen any day! Gorgeous!

  6. Lyndsey says:

    Your kitchen is stunning! Thank you so much for sharing the lid for SW color match, I’m going with this color for our new build. ps. your son is adorable!

  7. Biljana@GRPdesigns says:

    Your new kitchen is definitely better than the old version of the Kitchen, so much more appealing and modern.

  8. Thanks so much for included the paint can top … I’m believe this is exactly the color I’m looking for. I’m going to get a test can tomorrow at SW and see if I’m right. 😉 Love it!!

  9. Great post and the kitchen looks lovely. thanks for sharing it.


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