Fake it ‘til you make it.

Just in case you were wondering what happened after yesterday’s frantic search for new handles, I sucked it up and ordered some 5 3/4” dresser pulls on ebay.

Here are the new pulls I ordered.  I’m pretty excited about these guys since they actually match my kitchen hardware.


And yep!  I totally photoshopped matching handles onto my dresser in the meantime.


I only had to do it once, since all the other pics I took I made sure to conceal the toplessness.


And, while I’m posting, here is the other master bedroom pictures I took for the article.  Our new Sleep Number Bed is hiding underneath the covers.  It’s now my DREAM bed.   I cannot sing enough praises of Sleep Number Beds.  It’s incredible.


And just for the record, these pics make me want to paint my bedroom walls in Silver Sage.  Close your ears, babe!



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  1. Yay for no more nipple pulls, or pulled nipples. Either way ouch! Glad you finally found what you needed 🙂

  2. ooooh….those handles are gonna ROCK! I have the same predicament. I’m “de-finishing” a roadside rescue and can’t find handles that I really like. I hadn’t thought of Ebay. Thanks, girl! xo

  3. I cannot believe you photoshopped that — it looks amazing!

  4. Ha! You are so funny! I can’t tell one bit anything is photoshopped. I can totally see the Silver Sage on those walls… I’ll hide so you hubs doesn’t try to come and find me…

  5. Ok….did I miss it?

    Did I miss the post about the painted board leaning up against the wall? I mean handles schmandles…..what is that thing against the wall….and in case it’s not going on your wall….I need it.


    president of your fan club

    • Beth at Unskinny Boppy says:

      Oh, Kari, it’s a super rare piece. I’m not even sure I should divulge my secrets on it…. but since you are the president of the Fan club I guess I’ll let you in on the secret.

      I found it at an exclusive boutique called Pier One, circa 2005. 😀

  6. Love the wall colour, it makes the furniture stand out just beautifully!

  7. Hi Beth! I met you at Haven and I’m just not getting around to going through that HUGE stack of business cards. I love your blog and your bedroom is GORGEOUS. I’m a new follower! Look forward to reading more!


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