Tackling the Country Living Fair

beehive potteryCountry Living Fair Atlanta 2012

Tonight my wallet is empty and heart is full and my feet are tired. 

 I spent the weekend in Atlanta at the Country Living Fair where I was privileged enough to get to meet up with a group of fellow bloggers and members of the fabulous Hometalk community.

From left to right: Christina, Rhoda, Me and Heather

On Friday night my husband and I headed over to the Dirty Dirty where we had dinner with Heather from At the Picket Fence and her husband.  We had such a great time chatting it up that we pretty much closed down the restaurant and got to our hotel WAY late.  This morning we  were able to meet up with other bloggers as a group in front of the big pumpkin pile.  We snapped a picture with all of our Hometalk gear before we headed off in different directions to browse the vendor booths and get high on all the burlap we could stand. 

I say “we” snapped a picture, but actually it was Heather’s husband who did all the snapping.  This guy wins husband of the year award, right?  He was patient and didn’t complain a bit about having forty-eleven DSLR cameras strapped around his neck and being told to play paparazzi for us.   Thanks, Lee, for the great photos!  And thanks for not hightailing it to the nearest pawn shop while you had the chance.

Hometalk Papparrazi
Just like past years at the Country Living Fair, the pavilion had gorgeous tablescapes set up with amazing decorative ideas all wrapped up in a pretty rustic package.  The birch branch candle holders?  Yes, please.  I also loved the pine cone “chandelier” hanging from the ceiling.

Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-4Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-6Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-7Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-10
Once inside the woods full o’booths I headed straight to one of my favorite vendors, Great Stuff by Paul.  This was the same where I got my cheap dough bowl and sugar mold candle holder two years ago.   I immediately latched onto this coal scuttle and knew it would be coming home with me.  Cypress branch not included.

Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-11
From there I wandered through snapping pictures of things that caught my eye.  Loved this sign on an old fence gate.  “It takes courage to grow up and be yourself.”

Amen to that.

Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-16

I eyed these signs for our basement theatre room, but we decided against them.

 Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-18

Which made my husband say this….

Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-23

Other prettiness that caught my eye:

Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-24Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-42beehive pottery
As soon as I saw this beehive pottery I KNEW I had to have it.  It called my name loudly, so I stood next to it while I snapped a picture and Instagrammed my find.  As I was looking down at my phone, this super intimidating lady came up and put her hands on it and tried to take it from me!  I told her I was getting it, and then we nearly had a brawl over it.  Push came to shove, but I finally won out in the end. 

Here is my menacing opponent.  She could totally float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-33

This Country Living Fair was different because I had my own personal porter with me, which greatly increased my chances of buying bigger stuff.  Thank you, babe, for toting all of my finds all over the Fair!

 Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-34

We got to meet the Fabulous Beekman Boys, who signed my copy of the magazine with their face on it (and Lucy’s!)

Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-46

Here is Heather with Jeanne from Junxtaposition showing off her typewriter keyboard jewelry that everyone needs!

Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-44

Here is the annual photo of all my loot crammed in the back of my car.  Three birch logs, a ceramic beehive, a coal scuttle, a punched tin star that is amazingly similar to the punched tin fish already in Garrett’s room, two giant chippy tin tiles from a St Louis Opera house that are PHENOMENAL, a vintage gum dispenser from the 50’s and a signed copy of the greatest new magazine on the market. 

 Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-47

I’d say it was a successful shopping trip.  Not to mention all the great folks I got to hang out with all day! 

And then there’s that time of the day when I stuffed Rhoda into my four year old’s booster seat to drop some pottery off at her car.  Now that was a moment I’ll not soon forget.  Thanks for being such a good sport, Rhoda! And for having such a tiny behiny.

This pretty much sums us up my whole day…

Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012-26

Did you go to the Fair this year?  If so, what did you score?


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  1. Oh!!!! I love it. I felt a little like I was there 🙂 So fun… all the pictures, the cameras around the neck, the meeting Ben, all the gals, getting the FOLK early. (OMG!!!!) Whew. I am so thankful to get to see this post. You and you cute hubba look like you had a grand time. Good think there was n brawling. I saved the picture of Donna’s wreath. Supah cool!

    HUGS ~ Shannon

  2. Oh man, this was one fun post! I soooooo wish I could have been there! It may be a good thing because I’d truly have to fight you for the magazine and the gum stand. 🙂

  3. Not to mention adding another camera to that poor man’s neck! haha! Priceless photo!

  4. what a great post and a great time. I so wanted to be there perhaps next year.

    • YES! Everyone should go to the Country Living Fair. This was my third year and it was bigger and better than ever. I see more unique, beautiful things there and get SO many inspirational ideas. It’s awesome.

  5. Loved your recap! This is the next best thing to being there.

  6. What a great article, thanks! This fair seems like a ton of fun. You mention the magazine, which sounds really cool. Do you know if you can buy a subscription??


  7. Beth! I loved your recap – almost made me feel like I was there. Sounds like you had an awesome time. Now I’m super excited for my copy of Folk to arrive in the mail.
    Score on the beehive pottery! She didn’t know who she was messing with. 🙂

    • Thanks M! I’m super excited for all of my future FOLK issues now. It is just beautiful!

      I loved that beehive lady so much. I saw her again in another booth and said “I’ve got my eye on you!” She and her friends were cracking me up!

  8. Ha!!!! This is just the cutest post, Beth!!!!! You are adorable….and I want your loot! 🙂

  9. Grinning from ear to ear – so glad you had a blast! I would have been after you for that Chicklet display and the beehive and of course that signed copy of Folk (watch your back)!

    Looks like Lee and your hubs called each other in the morning – they are wearing identical shirts!


    • Oh I’m watching my back. I watched it all the way outta the park until I was safely locked in my car. That thing was like GOLD, I tell ya!

      You’d have to deal with my husband on the Chicklet display, that was all him! And yes, he and Lee were cohorts on this trip. They both grinned and beared it for their beautiful wives. 🙂

  10. Great post!!! I SO wish I could have been there. Hopefully next year. Thanks for posting all the great pictures…several have already found their way to our Pinterest!!

  11. Oh my gosh Beth I felt like I was there. Thank you for all the great pics! Beautiful day spent with wonderful people. Perfection for sure.

  12. I love the way you write Beth! What a fun post to read!! Im sad I missed yet another fabulous event, but kind of glad that I didn’t go to this one because I’m sure I would’ve been in the poor house after seeing all those great items up for sale! 😉 What a fun trip though! Can’t wait to see your Christmas decor with all your new found treasures!

  13. I am NOT missing the Country Living Fair next year! I almost felt that I had been there through your post, Beth. You won’t even be able to see a stack of pumpkins behind the group of bloggers that’ll be there next year!

  14. How incredibly fun! I sooo wish we lived closer to ATL. I used to be about four hours away, but now we’re so much farther! Do they do it in Atlanta every year?

  15. Hey Beth, it was so great meeting you yesterday I was a little overwhelmed and a lot in awe of such great ladies! Would you mind if I borrowed the pic of all of us to use on my blog with full credit of course!

  16. Hey, Beth! Your post is so great, you captured it all perfectly. My pics are still in my camera, I’m so far behind with reporting in on all my adventures, but i loved reading yours. What a great time it was. Thanks for bringing me my pottery, I love it!! Riding in the booster seat was a hooting highlight, just glad my butt could fit in there.

  17. Cindy Miller says:

    Beth what a great post, I read every word! Looks like you snagged some great vintage finds! I’m googling Folk now.!

    • Eddie Wood says:

      Hi Cindy. I have to warn you that Folk magazine is a fraud! Ben has an F rating with the BBB for not sending products that people have paid for..I know, because I made the mistake of ordering an item and have never received it, or any replys to my emails.

  18. You are lucky I found my own copy of Folk! I was deriving a plan to steal yours! Thanks for the pic of the beekman1802boys and the tip to get that magazine! I still haven’t found enough time to really enjoy it……maybe after everyone is in bed tonight! So thankful that you introduced me to Ben Ashby. I have a feeling he’s making it big time!!

  19. Atta Girl Amy says:

    Girl, your photos are killing me. I want that and that and that and that. Kicking myself for not making the drive to Atlanta this year. I can’t wait to see your finds in action in your home.

  20. hey girl !! thanks for the mention !! so great to meet you, glad you enjoyed the fair !

  21. Oh Beth, you’re so lucky you got to go to that and meet those wonderful people and pick up that beautiful stuff. Your pictures are great too, thanks for the tour around!

  22. It was a lot of fun! Glad I got to experience it this year. It was good seeing you again. Your pictures , btw, awesome! Embarrassed to put mine up after seeing yours 🙂

    Oh, love your finds too! Sadly, I came home with NOTHING! 🙁 I always get overwhelmed and want to buy everything so I buy nothing – LOL!

  23. Beth,

    This looks like so much fun! It reminded me a little of Haven….and my heart started smiling thinking about this year! I am so blessed to have you as a friend and you are simply amazing (and I am TOTALLY cabbaging onto those birch candle holders)!

    Have a great day rockstar!

  24. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve definitely found my “behiny” in my sons car seat a time or two. Not comfortable for long trips, may I say. All your pictures and finds are so lovely, stunning really. I would have loved to be there! That magazine sounds fantastic as well. Glad you made it out of there alive and well. 😉


  25. Such fun seeing your pictures from the fair! Did you go Saturday? We went Sunday and it was soooo cold! Been editing my post from the fair tonight and it’ll be up soon. I want to know what you’ll be doing with your finds! Love seeing things repurposed. I didn’t buy much this year, found some vintage flash cards that I’ll be making into ornaments and/or adding to my ribbon board. Love your blog! 🙂

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  27. Eddie Wood says:

    Ben Ashby from Folk Magazine is a Fraud! He has an F rating with the BBB for not sending products that people have paid for!



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