Granny’s Peanut Butter Fudge, plus a FREE e-book and a link party!

Today’s post is dedicated to my granny.

My granny always had a skillet full of cornbread on her stove, ready to be eaten by my Pop in a tall glass of buttermilk. She rolled her hair with bobby pins and Dippity-Do hair gel before bed.  She was a card playing fanatic.  She loved cold Coca-Colas straight out of the can and watching NASCAR races.  Davey Allison was her favorite driver, since he was a hometown boy who grew up not too far from her.

My granny had a sweet tooth a mile wide.

One of her many specialties was making fudge–chocolate or peanut butter, and on occasion both if there was a crowd gathered. In her house, where any rules about diets or keeping bedtime hours flew out the window, it was perfectly logical to make fudge at midnight during the middle of a heated Canasta game that everyone knew could last well past 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning.  She would get out The Fudge Plate (It was sacred. It deserves all-caps.) and grease it down with a stick of butter and start boiling all the ingredients.

After the fudge was poured out on The Fudge Plate we would all grab a spoon and scrape the bottom of the bowl while the candy hardened in the refrigerator.  The fudge I remember making with Granny had marshmallow fluff in the recipe.  Now my mom, aunts and cousins might argue with me on this, but since it’s my blog and my memories I’ll post it as I remember it, just as I’m sure my Granny would have done.  She had a habit of remembering things incorrectly, but the memories were certainly always turned in her favor.  She also had a habit of saying “Glory Be!” every time she was dealt a good hand in Canasta.  If I said “Wellll….” while trying to decide what card to discard she would always respond back with “it’s a deep subject.” Her most often used line when she collected all four red threes from the deck was “I declare!” except in her Southern drawl it sounded more like she was exclaiming a girl’s name like  “Heidi Clare!”

If you’re on a diet, you might want to stop reading right now because it’s about to get fattening up in here.

Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe

Wanna know what you get when you mix this….

With this?


16 Bloggers share their favorite family recipes in a free Holiday Heirloom Recipe Collection e-book. Peanut butter fudge recipe included.

If you want the recipe for Granny’s Peanut Butter Fudge, I’ve shared it along with a memory about my Granny inside this beautiful 56 page printable recipe e-book that you can download here!

Sixteen bloggers joined together to submit recipes for this e-book. We hope you enjoy this little Holiday gift from our homes to yours. Thanks so much to Gwen at The Bold Abode for all of her hard work in assembling the e-book. It’s GORGEOUS inside, with so many yummy recipes that I am seriously jonesin’ to try out immediately.  The photography is just stunning throughout this whole recipe collection!  You’re gonna love it!

Click to enlarge the e-book and preview it here:

Now, I’d love to hear about YOUR favorite heirloom recipe.  I’m joining up with a few other hostesses for a fun recipe link party.  We will keep the party open for a few days so you can link up a post if you don’t have one already.  Please grab a button and link back to my site if you’re joining in the fun.


Heirloom Recipe Collection Party
Link up here!

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  1. It looks divine, Beth! Our fudge had Marshmallow Creme in it too! It’s CRAZY delicious…

    Thank you so much for the shout out! It was amazing putting this together and I so appreciate your contributing not only your recipe, but you amazing photography!

  2. Beth, the ebook is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much. I so enjoyed reading about your wonderful granny, and I’ll have to try that fudge recipe. You are right. The photography in the ebook is just stunning! I linked up our family’s eggnog recipe (on another blog.)

  3. Good GRAVY Beth that looks delicious! My poor hips are going to EXPAND!

  4. Glory Be that fudge looks amazing – its my absolute weakness and every time we go to the boardwalk, I can’t leave without getting a big box!

    My recipe isn’t exactly heirloom – but it will become that since I always make it!

    Thanks for the e-book!

  5. Yum! I need a good PB fudge recipe in my life!

  6. Beth your Granny obviously deeply impacted your life with her grace and beautiful soul. What a truly lovely lady! Thanks for sharing her fudge recipe – it’s so touching that you have allowed us to enjoy it now too!

  7. What fantastic memories! Thanks so much for sharing the story and the recipe! My daughter loves to cook. Maybe I can talk her into trying this!! 😉

  8. Oh my goodness… this fudge looks divine!

  9. Beth,

    You are the absolute BEST! Thank you so much for the incredibly sweet tribute to a wonderful woman! I love the recipe and I am totally going to make it!

    Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  10. Yumm. Thank you for all the recipes, but I’m particularly interested in making your grannys peanut butter fudge. My mother used to make this without a recipe and while I watched her several times, I never learned to make it. She passed in ’92 and I still can taste her peanut butter fudge in my memory.


    • Awwww this made me smile today! I hope it tastes like your mom’s fudge! I cook a lot of things without a recipe, too, so I am trying to test them out and write things down here on my blog so they can be repeated for future generations! Enjoy, and thanks for your comment today!



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