Christmas in a Minute: Pumpkin Seed Christmas Trees

Guess what? DIY Christmas project time is upon us!  If you’re searching for an easy Christmas craft project, you came to the right place. These cute pumpkin seed Christmas trees are quick and fun to make at home with a few simple supplies. 

Pumpkin seed Christmas trees diy

Have you guys ever gone into Costco and gotten sucked into buying something that you totally don’t need because you just KNEW you could use it?  That is what happened with me and these pumpkin seeds.  Standing in Costco one day I spotted this GIGANTIC bag of pumpkin seeds.  I had every intention of adding them to my homemade granola recipe, so I mindlessly tossed them into my cart during one of those crazed Costco marathon shopping sprees.  What I didn’t do was actually read the fine print on the gigantic bag of seeds.  Because if I HAD read the fine print, I would have noticed that all of those little seeds were still inside their shells.  If I wanted to use them in my baking, I would have to sit and remove the shell from each individual seed, which sounds like my idea of personal torture.  So, instead of getting mad, I got crafty instead.  I found this foam cone at my local Dollar store, but you can also find them on Amazon.  Don’t worry. You don’t need a Costco sized bag of pumpkin seeds for this project.   You could probably get by with one or two bags of the David brand Pumpkin seeds at your local supermarket.

Cute Pumpkin seed Christmas tree-3

Starting on the bottom row and working my way up, I ran a bead of hot glue along the styrofoam and glued each seed with the rounded side facing down.  Once I got an entire row glued around the cone, I started gluing the row above it, making sure to cover the point of the seed below it.  I tried to layer the seeds in a shingle effect, where the center of each seed lined up over the joint of the two seeds below it.  This didn’t work 100% up the cone, but I tried to remain aware of it. 


Cute Pumpkin seed Christmas tree-2
When I finally got to the very top of the cone I squirted a massive glob of hot glue and shoved a bunch of seeds down into it, pointy side up.  Then I pinched the pointy ends together and let the glue dry.  Cute Pumpkin seed Christmas tree

The result is a bit like a fish scale effect, but it also resembles a snow-covered evergreen tree.  You might could make a pretty pinecone with this same process and an egg shaped piece of foam.


Pumpkin seed Christmas trees

This project was so simple I whipped out two of these cute pumpkin seed trees in a very short amount of time.   I already had the sweater tree leftover from last year, and together these three guys make a CUTE snowy wonderland scene with a few cinnamon sticks and a strand of battery operated copper wire lights thrown in for effect.

DIY Pumpkin seed Christmas tree

I’m teaming up with a whole bunch of other AWESOME ladies who also have some great ideas for you to make Christmas in a Minute.   


We wanted to give you some fast and easy holiday project ideas that you could make at home this year. They have all knocked it out of the park with these quick Christmas crafts.  Please hop over and check out their projects when you get a chance.  Be sure to pin them, too. 

I hope these projects inspire you to get all crafty and junk this Christmas season. 


After all… ‘Tis the season to hot glue your fingers!

Here are a few teaser photos to what’s coming up in December on the blog.  My Christmas decorations are chomping at the bit to be shown off!  I cannot wait to show them to you all!

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  1. They do have a bit of a fish scale effect. Love the new use for those jack-o-lantern innards. 🙂

  2. So festive – much better than actually trying to get all of those seeds out of those shells! That might take until next Christmas eve. Here’s to marathon sessions at Costco – where all the best ideas are born.

  3. Very, very cute. Love the touches of cinnamon sticks and lights!

  4. Hi Beth,

    You are a holiday saint for taking the time to glue all those on! We actually just brought our pumpkin in from the porch last night and I figured I would roast up the seeds. Maybe now I’ll have to craft with them…. I thought it was time since we just put up the lights on the house!

    Hope you are enjoying the season 🙂

  5. So amazingly creative! Love em.

  6. This project is nothing less than brilliant! Love it.

  7. What a fantastic idea! Much better than sitting for eons shelling those seeds!

  8. super super cute!!! totally need to make this!

  9. Mmm, I’d be all over those beautiful trees. I love cracking pumpkin seeds! 😀

  10. What a cool idea! Love them!

  11. Beth I love the idea of using pumpkin seeds! So original and chic!

  12. I went over this internet site and I conceive you have a lot of superb information,
    saved to my bookmarks (:.



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