Picture Birmingham Giveaway {For a GREAT Cause}

Back in the late summer I was sitting on my parent’s dock watching as the sun sank down below the horizon, saying silent prayers as I usually do.  I’ve found that lakes are where I do my best praying, and this day was no exception.  What WAS exceptional about this day, though, was the sunset.

It was spectacular.

Sunset over Alabama

I took this picture with my iPhone, believe it or not.  And of course I instagrammed it pretty much immediately after I took it, because I am in a bit of an ongoing sunset photo competition with the reigning Queen of Sunsets, Rachel at Picture Birmingham.  Rachel is my long-time Birmingham blog friend who has turned her passion for getting her sunset pictures retweeted by James Spann (our local celebrity weatherman) into a full-time charitable organization.  It all began (I think?) with this photo right here:

Rachel had gone running atop Red Mountain in Birmingham, and her husband snapped this photo of her over looking the city.  From there, it turned into a near-daily photo of the sunsets from the top of any mountain, Indian mound or antbed from here to Timbucktu.  Rachel is just a wee bit sunset-happy. And now?  So many women are better off for it.

Picture Birmingham is a non-profit that sells Rachel’s sunset photos on notecards, postcards and other prints, with all proceeds going to benefit The Wellhouse.  In case you’re wondering, The Wellhouse is a Birmingham organization that fights sex trafficking. Here is a quote from Rachel about what they do:

The Wellhouse is one of very few agencies in the nation that accepts people into their program without ID, as this is one of the first things that traffickers take away from their victims. They have a hotline that victims can call, and last year they rescued 75 women, ranging from 13 to 54 years old, as well as one teenage boy – some in Birmingham, and some as far away as Washington State. They offer immediate food and shelter, necessities, spiritual guidance, counseling, and job rehabilitation.

You can see one of her postcard sets right here. In this collection you get 12 cards for $21.00:

Picture Birmingham Sunset Cards benefitting The Wellhouse #endit-3

She also has postcards available, as well as other prints.

Picture Birmingham Sunset Cards benefitting The Wellhouse #endit

Today, on the first day of Grateful Month (that would be November) I am giving away a set of these notecards, along with an 8×10 print of my sunset photo. Picture Birmingham Sunset Cards benefitting The Wellhouse #endit #slavery

Also, as a big bonus, Rachel is offering a discount to my readers for any purchase made to Picture Birmingham during the month of November.

PictureBirmingham Coupon Code

To be entered to win, choose any of the options in this Rafflecopter right here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you share this post, please use the hashtag #endit or give me or Rachel a tag!

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  1. Beautiful sunsets….amazing pictures!!

  2. PENNY SITTEN says:

    Love the Photos & the organization that supports them. The

  3. colleen from Alabama says:

    I live in Birmingham and I have not heard of this organization! So glad to know they are here and doing such valuable work!!!!

  4. Love the photos and the fantastic giveaway! Good luck to all joiners!!!

    Gourmet Getaways

  5. Crissie Woolard says:


  6. Love sunsets as much as she does ! My Mom always said they were God’s paintings.

  7. I love pictures of sunsets or even sunrises. To me I find peace at looking at something God has made so beautiful for us.

  8. Fonda Rush says:

    i love sunsets, no matter what state or country! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  9. I love her photos. I always see them re-tweeted by Spann! Your sunset is pretty good too!

  10. Sunsets are just one of God’s gifts to us. His hands paint them all……..

  11. Beautiful sunset & pictures!

  12. These images are very lovely!

  13. So many beautiful photos…I love the 3/30/14 – Purple Mountain Majesties from Mount Cheaha. Awesome shot and the colors are wonderful. Makes me want to buy a good camera and do this but I’ll leave it to you, LOL

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  14. OMG…I didn’t see a comment button for your home tour. Your house is gorgeous right the to the light bulbs and doorknobs, LOL but seriously it’s gorgeous. I wish I was your neighbor. I can’t stop looking at these photos. Outstanding, absolutely outstanding!!!!!

  15. What lovely photos! I have enjoyed visiting Birmingham several times and have lots of happy memories of this beautiful area.

  16. Audra watts says:

    These are beautiful

  17. I used to live in Birmingham and now I’m in North Alabama so I love your photos!

  18. These photos look so beautiful!
    Thank You for the chance

  19. Those sunsets are so beautiful! Im on my phone and cant do two of the entries so I figure a few entries are better than none. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  20. These pictures are absolutely fantastic! Thank you for the chance to win some great pictures.

  21. I love sunsets. Those are gorgeous shots!

  22. Penny Thatcher says:

    Just found your blog while looking for oil recipes via Pinterest. I spent a number of years in Birmingham and loved the pictures you shared from atop Red Mountain. A Californian now for over 30 years loving Young Living oils! They are my medicine!


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