15 Quick & Easy Back to School Lunch Ideas

Looking for some simple Back-to-School lunch ideas? Here’s 15 of my favorites from around the web.
15 Back to School Lunch Ideas

I’m trying to find some good recipes for Garrett’s school lunches, and I thought you might like some of these ideas, too! I love the idea of a “bento box” lunch- which basically means all the food is divided up in little containers so it doesn’t touch.

Some of these are a little too fancy for his taste, but I know I could adapt them to work for his lunchbox.

  1. 2 Hamburger Steaks & Dill Potato Egg Salad from Thank God I Bake
  2. Fresh and Healthy School Lunches from MOMables
  3. Chicken Nanban Bento from Just One Cookbook
  4. Star Themed Lunches from Bento School Lunches
  5. Lunch Box Idea List from Wendolonia
  6. School Lunch Day 111: Muffins from What Lisa Cooks
  7. Back To School Bento with Bumble Bee from Eazy Peazy Mealz
  8. Bento Box with Chicken Teriyaki from Culinary Hill
  9. Lunch In A Box from Back to Her Roots
  10. Picnic Coloring Placemats + Grab ‘N’ Go Lunches from Happiness Is Homemade
  11. Easy Ham and Cheese Mini Quiches from Momables
  12. 3 Fun and Easy Back-To-School Bento Lunchbox Ideas from La Tortilla Factory
  13. Back to School Lunch Box Ideas from Just 2 Sisters
  14. Leftover Pizza, one has quesadilla and avocado from What Lisa Cooks
  15. 3 Bears Bento from Bento School Lunches

Looking for lunch packing supplies? These little divided containers sure do make lunch packing easier.

Looking for more great school lunch packing ideas? Check out 21 Back to School Lunches for Normal People! 21 Back To School Lunch Ideas

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