The Grand Bugapest Hotel + Crafting with Nature Book Giveaway!

How to DIY a Bug Hotel

When I was a kid my mom would take me to the library at the beginning of summer where I would check out all the books I could find on nature crafts. Then for a few weeks I would take my books outside and try out all the projects that caught my eye. When my friend Amy at A Nest for All Seasons told me she was writing a book called Crafting with Nature it was like she was writing it just for the little girl in me.

So, today I’m excited to offer you a Crafting with Nature book giveaway along with a fun DIY project for your kids this summer! Before we get to the giveaway let me present to you The Grand Bug-a-Pest Hotel!
Summertime is right around the corner, so here’s a fun summer project for those long days when the kids are bored and begging for things to do. Make a bug hotel for your backyard!  I first stumbled upon these Insect Hotels or “Bug Condos” at some of my garden friend’s blogs last year. These little bug houses are all the rage right now, so why not join the fun?  I fell in love with this idea of creating a cute place for the good bugs to have a home in our garden.

DIY Bug Hotel-6

So what exactly is a Bug Hotel? Well, there are tons of beneficial bugs and bees that help our gardens grow.  From ladybugs to worms and even spiders—the creepy-crawlies need a place to shelter somewhere near your garden, especially if you have a small or well-maintained lawn without many natural areas.

DIY Bug Hotel-12

This Bug Hotel gives these little garden defenders plenty of places to hide and stay safe from the things that like to eat them. That way they can keep chowing down on the things that they love to eat, like flies and mosquitoes and gnats. Remember the circle of life, y’all.

DIY Bug Hotel-4

Also, bonus points: No electronic devices were needed to make this project. This one requires only your imagination, creativity and lots of objects you can find right in your backyard or at a nearby park. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Bug Hotel for your garden:


A covered structure with lots of openings/ slats or shelves—I used two magazine racks that my husband’s grandfather had made decades ago that have been sitting in my basement forever. Check the thrift store if you don’t have a basement full of old junk like I do. You could also use a divided wall shelf, a shadowbox frame, a pallet, a birdhouse, a dollhouse… use your imagination

LOTS of sticks and twigs, cut into small pieces

Pinecones, sweet gum balls, magnolia pods, seed pods, etc

Rocks, marbles, sea glass, old bricks with holes

Clothespins, straws, cardboard tubes, bamboo shoots

Chicken wire, twine, pruning shears ,scissors, etc

Then, get to creating!

Here’s a quick look at our assembly process:


My mom and Garrett had fun decorating these pine cones to look like ice cream cones a few months back, so we stuck these inside to give the hotel some color. Garrett dug up some moss to carpet the 3rd floor of the hotel. We also planted some petunias next door to help repel some of the “bad” bugs like aphids and tomato hornworms. DIY Bug Hotel-10

Can you guess what we used for the arched “window” filled with sea glass and straws?  It’s a Nutella snack pack leftover from Garrett’s lunch.  It’s the perfect shape and has a divider built right inside. We poked a bunch of tiny little sticks and twigs around it underneath the bark dormer.  DIY Bug Hotel-11

The base of flower pots provide a tiny little watering hole that won’t attract too many mosquito larvae in standing water.  And the red patio entrance?  That is an old golf game we found at a junk store a while back. DIY Bug Hotel-5

My mom painted this cute clothespin concierge to greet the customers.

DIY Bug Hotel-15

If you and your kids love all things Fairy Garden related, this Bug Hotel will be right up your alley. This was a super fun and CHEAP project that took the better part of a day to create, so use your imagination and make your own.

DIY Bug Hotel-17

If you want a whole lot more great ideas for screen-free summertime fun with the kids, be sure to check out my friend Amy’s book Crafting with Nature!  Amy of A Nest for All Seasons has been one of my favorite gardening guru for years, and I am so in love with her amazing ideas in this book.  I even got mentioned in the book, so be sure to look for my name in the “What People are Saying” page when you pick it up!

You can buy a copy of Crafting with Nature on Amazon, or you can enter to win a copy today in this awesome GIVEAWAY that Amy and her publisher has so graciously offered to my readers!

Crafting with Nature Book GIVEAWAY

TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY, simply enter the Rafflecopter right here!

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Good luck and happy nature crafting, y’all!

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  1. Karen Robbins says:

    This book looks fantastic. I hope I can find a copy. I loved your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Too cute. What a great project to do with kids this summer.

  3. Cute idea!!

  4. Beth, this is so cute!! I love that you are encouraging others to appreciate some of our bugs. They aren’t all bad. This is just so much fun for kids and adults alike. I’d love it you’d link this up to our garden party. 🙂

  5. Thank you SO much for featuring the book Beth!! You bug hotel is *perfection* and I would totally shack up there if I were a beetle 😉

  6. Patricia Savoie says:

    Such a cute idea! I like the idea of encouraging the good bugs to hang around 🙂

  7. Beth,

    What a great idea! Your bug hotel turned out super cute and I bet it was super fun to build with your Mom and Garrett. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nancy cox says:

    This is adorable. My grands will love this.

  9. This looks like so much fun! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  10. Thanks for the fun giveaway. Nature’s a great inspiration! I’m hoping to catch your session at Haven this year. Happy crafting! ~ Chelsea

  11. andrea v says:

    looks pretty cool!

  12. That is is like a bug mansion – very awesome! And I just love the name, lol!

  13. I’ll be looking for this book! We live in the forest and have loads of natural craft materials.

  14. Wow!! My daughter would LOVE to help me make some new crafts. Thanks for the neat ideas.

  15. Marissa S. says:

    The Bug Hotel is so cool! Would love to check this book out.

  16. I am 100% positive that this is THE fanciest bug hotel I have ever seen. I am impressed!

  17. My mom would love to do this! Sharing with her right now 🙂

  18. So much awesomeness in this type of crafting!!!

  19. wen budro says:

    That bug hotel is adorable. What an awesome idea!!! I would love to make one of those.

  20. jenny stratton says:

    This looks like a great book especially since I like using nature as my craft store.

  21. i love nature crafts! This looks like a fantastic book. i love the little bug hotel, so cute!! thanks for the chance!

  22. Debbie Lewis says:

    I would love to craft using nature…looks like fun

  23. Gabrielly says:

    This book looks fantastic. I love these ideas.

  24. Adrianne B says:

  25. Adrianne B says:

    Just yesterday, my daughter and her BFF spent hours playing in a natural play area at our local Nature Center. I’d love to bring some of that into our own backyard!

  26. Tarah F. says:

    This is amazing!

  27. Lana simanovicki says:

    This is fun

  28. i accidentally posted the same pin adress twice. Here is the link to the new pin!

  29. Barbara Blanton says:

    My kids and nieces and nephew would have a blast making the bug hotel. We will definitely be making this soon.

  30. Anne Perry says:

    We enjoy making gnome homes.

  31. Oh what a fun book for summer!! We need this!! Thank you for the chance!

  32. Meghan B says:

    This looks great!

  33. I love the idea of using things in nature to decorate! It is the ultimate in decorating GREEN!

  34. Shakeia Rieux says:

    Those are super cute! This would be a great book to have

  35. Tracy Webb says:

    Looks like fun.

  36. Terri Irvin says:

    I have a certified wilderness habitat in my backyard and I love the little creatures who comes and play. On my list, this summer is to make a bug hotel so I am bookmarking your site. Thanks also for awesome giveaway and I now follow you.

  37. What a great use of hollowed out logs.

  38. Natalie says:

    This is such a cute idea

  39. Jeni Mitchell says:

    I know what I’ll be doing this weekend…I have a hotel to build. What a great idea!

  40. Liza Vladyka says:

    this is so neat and good for any age



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