The Caroline TV Chest

When we moved in this house, we temporarily put our tv on top of an end table that my husband built with intentions of having built-in bookcases added around the fireplace.  Over a year later, and the “temporary” setup was still going strong with no end in sight.

tv bigger than the table

How pitiful is that?  Over a year later, and my tv was still sitting on top of that same end table (and I’m ashamed to admit it wasn’t even anchored to the wall). The tv is bigger than the table. There were wires hanging everywhere.  It was not centered on the wall because I was trying to hide even more wires behind it so Caroline couldn’t get to them.

It was not pretty. Or safe.

Now that Caroline has started pulling up on everything and trying to walk, I was constantly chasing her away from the tv. It was so dangerous and all I could envision was her tumbling head first into the glass doors.  One day last weekend I got tired of worrying about it, so we all loaded up and headed to my favorite local furniture store in search of a something, ANYTHING, that was better than what we had.

And here it is:

Caroline Chest by Gabby Furniture- painted burlap drawer fronts and beaded edging

This area is kind of tight, so we had to keep our dimensions less than 24″ deep and 42″ wide.  This pretty little dresser fit the bill perfectly.

It is an antique reproduction piece with French-style hardware and hand painted burlap on the drawer fronts.

The beaded molding around the drawers are what really sold me. Look at these pearls!

Caroline Chest by Gabby Furniture- painted burlap drawer fronts and beaded edging

But the best part? It’s called the ‘Caroline Chest’ by Gabby Furniture.

It’s like it was meant to be.

Here are my two Carolines living happily ever after… Caroline Chest by Gabby Furniture- painted burlap drawer fronts and beaded edging

And most importantly, the tv is now anchored securely to the wall so the littlest Caroline is safe to roam and explore.

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  1. That really was meant to be! Caroline sure is growing quickly and she’s so precious. 🙂

  2. I love that you found the pretty “Caroline” dresser as a TV console, but mainly to keep little Caroline safe! She is a cutey!

  3. They both fit perfectly! Love them!!

  4. Judie Manning says:

    Perfect in size and design, it was the best moment to shop! Love those two little teeth.

  5. I love both your Carolines. I miss having a baby around, but I do remember how busy they keep you trying to keep them safe. The chest is gorgeous and good storage too.

  6. I love how Caroline is modeling your new chest! She is Precious – I want to start over now ! Beautiful piece of furniture that I am sure you will use all over the house in time to come!

  7. Collette says:

    The beading! It’s perfect for that spot, love it!! Your daughter is adorable!

  8. Love that. It looks perfect. She’s such a cutie too!

  9. How come when I was young it sounded awful when old ladies said my kids were so cute they wanted to pinch ’em, and here I am wanting to say that? How about this instead…. I just want to eat her up.


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